A screenshot from GQ's online item on Mica.

Mica, 8609 Germantown Ave., was named one of 10 best new restaurants in the country by GQ magazine. See story online, here.

The restaurant, opened by former Le Bec Fin chef, Chip Roman, earned the eight spot. It was reviewed by veteran food writer Alan Richman, who was struck not only by the charm of  Chestnut Hill (“a cobblestone street of gingerbread houses and trolley tracks “) and the quality of Mica’s food, but the stark interior of the restaurant.

He writes: ” Roman reminded me of the young Parisian chefs cooking in stark surroundings, thinking about nothing but their stoves. Maybe he’s better than they are, considering the lusciousness of his Manjari-chocolate dessert. Did I mention that he’s Mica’s pastry chef, too?”

Does this put Chestnut Hill on the foodie map? I think so.

— Pete Mazzaccaro