A sign in front of the former Borders Books building advertises Children of America.

Children of America, the daycare operators who signed a lease last year to take over the former Borders Books building, 8701 Germantown Ave., will send representatives to next Tuesday’s meeting of the Development Review Committee. The meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the main conference room of Chestnut Hill Hospital, 8835 Germantown Ave.

The meeting, like all DRC meetings, is open to the public.

The company’s representatives are coming to the meeting to introduceĀ themselvesĀ to the community. It will also be an opportunity for community members to ask questions and relay any concerns they may have regarding parking, traffic, etc.

Company representatives will also be invited to a follow-up meeting with Traffic, Transportation and Parking Committee on March 5 or April 2.


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  • Tracy

    Maybe the Rita’s debate is making me cynical – but how many people are going to complain in May and June that nobody had any meetings where neighbors could express their views on this space… Hope I am wrong…

    Not at all sure how I fell though, as someone who did the daycare drop off/pick up for years with twins – it is a logistics struggle in a good parking lot, be interesting to see their plan on that busy area of the Ave…

  • mikeg

    There needs to be a mechanism for the CHCA to accept, recognize, and consider the concerns and input from Chestnut Hill folks who cannot make the meetings. I think lots of people are interested in seeing the drop/off plan for the dayvcare. I wonder if there is a way to post the materials presented by the daycare folks – and the responses, etc. of the committee people – using social media.

  • http://profiles.google.com/pmazz04 Pete Mazzaccaro


    I think that’s a really good idea. With a little coordination, we should be able to make that happen. We can get applications and filed proposals (blueprints, studies, etc.) scanned and online for people to access. That should happen.

  • mikeg

    Thanks Pete. The next challenge will be to somehow get helpful wider community feedback in a timely fashion – and in a manner in which the CHCA and its committees can/do consider it. Look forward to participating in the discussion with the Local’s help!!

  • Tracy

    I can’t make the meeting but am interested in this too, wonder if these can be streamed online or pod casts in the future… Would take some heavy lifting to get started but then it might be a nice resource down the road… Think of how much time it would save if the CHCA could link to past meetings so that neighbors and proposed businesses could see how the process operates and how they might better prepare what to share in these meetings…