Water main work has closed sections of Allens Lane and McCallum Street. (Photo by Pete Mazzaccaro)

The Philadelphia Water Department has been working on McCallum Street and Allens Lane for more than a week now, closing sizable sections of both roads. Department spokesperson Laura Copeland told the Local Tuesday that the work is to replace water mains in the area and that the work would last through March of 2013. Residents should expect no disruption of service, she said. If there is a need for turning service off, Copeland said residents would receive at least a day’s notice. — Pete Mazzaccaro



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  • mikeg

    So how long does the Water Co expect the intersection of McCallum and Allens to be closed? Was this questions asked? What about Allens Lane generally? The article leads readers to believe that Allens Lane and the intersection at McCallum will be closed for a full year. Is this true?

  • Pete Mazzaccaro


    The work will be going on for a year, but that intersection will not be closed for that long. The work will move down Allens Lane. No word on when McCallum Street Bridge will reopen.

    Whether that intersection is closed or not, its sure to be a big problem for traffic for a long time to come.

  • mikeg

    Thanks Pete. I miss my way in and out! My route now doesn’t even go near Cresheim Valley and Emlen, so I will probably miss the signs announcing the re-opening whenever it happens. I will be watching the Local for updates. Thanks.

  • AllanZ

    The intersection of Emlen and Mt. Airy Ave. is a dangerous spot with stop signs only on Mt. Airy Ave. It’s better to have all-way stop signs. Be aware.