Private school parents pay taxes

In response to Ms. Heep [Why bus private schoolers? Letters, Jan. 5]. Parents of private school pupils are homeowners and real estate taxpayers. Also their children are entitled to a public school education.

If some or all private students descended on the public schools, can you imagine the impact?

So, bus service is a small price to pay.

I hope you will rethink your feelings.

Roberta Gold
Chestnut Hill

Thanks for treecycling

On behalf of Green IN Chestnut Hill (GRinCH) I would like to thank the citizens that brought their naked Christmas Trees to our TreeCycling event last week.

While this is a city wide event that has run for several years, this was the first for Chestnut Hill. We were hoping for 50 trees to cover the cost of labor so we were thrilled to count 153 trees. The trees were chipped for mulch, thereby avoiding methane producing landfills. Bartlett Tree Experts generously donated the tree chipper for three hours. GRinCH would also like to thank the Norwood Fontbonne School for use of its parking lot for the event.

Amy Edelman

Online contact After 27 years

I thought readers would get a kick out of this. Remember the article you ran about the incredible restaurant my husband, Steve, and I found with the reclusive chef and his wife? We lost touch 27 years ago, and I figured we’d never hear from the Liebs again.

The other day, out of the blue, I got an email from their daughter. She found the article online (the Chestnut Hill Local blog) and sent it along to her parents. They really liked it and shared their email so that I can get back in touch! They still crave anonymity. All I know is that they were in Europe awhile and are back in the US.

Many thanks to you for assisting in this reunion with old friends. The Internet is an amazing thing!

Elise Seyfried

Harris captured the parade excitement

When I asked Jim Harris to participate with us this year in the Mummers Parade, I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of article he would end up with but nonetheless looked forward to having coverage in the Local just the same.

I anticipate Jim’s column every week and imagined a variety of different results of his trip with us up Broad Street this year. Jim managed to capture all of the excitement, anticipation and true family fun that the parade, our brigade and the Venetian Club is all about in his wonderful exposé.

Our comic brigade includes many individuals and multiple generations of families, this year ranging in age from 5 to 79, and has doubled in size over the past eight years.

Family values are at the heart of what Mummery is all about in our great city, in spite of some of the negative press that Mummers have seen this past year. Our “Mother Club,” the Murray Comic Club, exemplifies these values which undoubtedly is the reason they hold the record for the most consecutive first place club finishes in any of the four Mummers categories over the past 112 years.

In the off-season, you will see us collecting funds for Easter Seals, sending supplies for our troops overseas, cooking dinner for families at the Ronald McDonald House or supplying food baskets for local families in need during the holidays. On “game day” we smile, laugh, dance and have fun while representing our neighborhood in this wonderful city tradition.

Thank you to Jim and the Chestnut Hill Local for sharing our story and memories this year.  A special thanks to the Murray Comic Club, Venetian Club, my co-captains, all of the Mummers in the Venetian New Year’s Association and especially my wife for yet another successful New Year’s Day parade!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2012.

Rusty Lorenzon
Captain, Venetian NYA
Chestnut Hill