Oct. 30. 7700 block Crittenden Street. Complainant states he observed offender take products, duck behind counter and come out not holding any items. Black male then rushed out through entrance without paying for items.

Oct. 30. 7700 block Germantown Ave. Complainant who  is an employee of store, observed a male removing two Brookstone videos from store shelf and exiting store without paying. He got into a red SUV. Male was stopped a short time later and identified by complainant. Arrested was Philip H. Allen, a black male, wearing dark colored jeans, who resided in the 6800 block Crittenden Street.

Oct. 31. Germantown and Southampton Aves. Complainant states that while walking the area with his friend, they were jumped from behind after exchanging words with offenders. Complainant was struck from behind on the right side of his head, causing heavy bleeding. First black male, 16 – 20 years old, second black male 17 – 19 years old, wearing a white hoodie, third black male, medium height wearing all black clothing, fourth black male 17 – 19 years old, brown complexion, and a 5th black male not described.

Nov. 1. 8300 block Germantown Ave. Complainant who is the operation manager of the bank, states that when she arrived at 8:20 a.m., she noticed that the automatic teller machine outside appeared to have been pushed inside the ATM room. The ATM wires were ripped out and were hanging. The ATM room had pry marks and the kitchen cabinets were open but  nothing appears to be missing. Safe and money compartment were not accessed.

Nov. 3. Unit block E. Mermaid Lane. Complainant states that between Nov. 2 and 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 3, an unknown person forced entry through rear basement door and stole a Compact laptop, Macbook and an iPod Touch.

Summary — Five crimes for week: two burglaries, one aggravated assault and two retail thefts.

Town Watch.

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