Let’s not forget 9/11 brutality

I read Rabbi Stern’s commentary with some concern.

He has minimized the acts of terror that occurred in our country on September 11, 2001. Rather he has shifted the focus of tragedy to some unfortunate anti-Muslim attacks.

This past month’s September 11th ceremonies should have been viewed by all Americans so that we never forget the issues. The perpetrators of that cowardly mass slaughter hate all Americans and everything we stand for.

It is not fear that has taken hold of Americans as Rabbi Stern suggested. This is not our culture, Rabbi! The past 10 years have educated our country on the concept of radical Islam and its goals. All are directed against the non-Muslim world.

Ten years ago, we were horrified by the brutal murder of Daniel Pearl and Nicholas Berg by “ski-masked” killers proclaiming to fulfill the tenets of their religion. These events, along with “suicide bombings” that killed innocent people in the name of religion, are daily news.

Rabbi Stern’s rhetoric suggests we brought this on ourselves. He needs to be aware of current events played daily on our news stations. America is not the only target. It is worldwide: Europe, Russia, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Turkey, Syria, etc. The ultimate goal is worldwide domination and Sharia law. We have “honor killings” in our country now, and some radical judges actually discussing Sharia law in their rulings.

Also what is with “the rich want to get richer to the detriment of the middle class.” Wake up! This is not Tsarist Russia. Our country is founded on a free market model. Stop with the “class warfare.”

Finally, Rabbi, this is not an anti-immigrant pogrom going on. Every country has border security. Mexico would not be as benign to Americans streaming across its border.

Unfortunately, the Rabbi seems to be speaking as an emotional outsider with little knowledge of facts and history.

His rhetoric actually helps fan the flames of discrimination and victim culture.

If you do not publish this, please pass it on to Rabbi Stern.

David Banov, M.D.
Mt. Airy