Headline misses mark

As a neighbor representative to the CHCA Subcommittee reviewing the Magarity project, I feel I should comment on the headline  “Near neighbors bypass CHCA on Magarity project; hire a lawyer.”

No one  is bypassing the CHCA process. Myself and two others represent the 40+ neighbors who have expressed concerns about the project since it was publicly presented in June. From the start, some neighbors have sought professional advice on legal, design and planning issues. They wanted to understand their rights as neighbors and members of the community and city. Such advice helped them to express their concerns in a meaningful legitimate framework.

The Subcommittee has included those neighbor concerns in discussions with Bowman Properties. As has is been reported to the LUPZ, DRC, and board of the CHCA, discussions are ongoing. There has been some agreement, but a number of issues are still outstanding. Whatever resolution is proposed , it will be soon according to the current schedule. The subcommittee reports back to LUPZ and DRC during October, culminating in a presentation/recommendation to the board on October 27.

Lee Foulkrod
Chestnut Hill

A series of requests (in no particular order):

Please reprint the map of all the storefront vacancies on the Hill with notations as to which are Bowman properties. Why? Because what leads us to believe suitable tenants will be found for this development?

Please reprint a photo of one of the many signs Mr. Bowman posted on the Hill seeking pawn shops, dollar stores, nail salons and check cashing offices to fill his many vacancies. (I don’t exactly recall the dates of the major Hill festival blighted by these large signs.)  Why? Are tenants such as these still so urgently sought?

Please do not reprint any of the articles about Mr. Bowman’s taxes. Why? I don’t want you to risk the threat of a libel suit.

Anne Craig Humphreys
Chestut Hill

How about the Library?

I am writing in response to the letter in last week’s Local from Greg Williams regarding community support to purchase the empty Border’s at the Top of the Hill.

I, too, find the closure of chain and independent book stores to be tragic. However, I would remind Mr. Williams that there exist within the city limits, 54 Free Library branches where “knowledge, in the form of books, is available readily and inexpensively for many hours a day….where our children can find required books for school and books for leisure….where people can bump into acquaintances and have a cup of coffee while they catch up, where meetings can be held, where authors can be met, where music can be heard, where community can be nurtured.”

Our libraries are treasures, open and available to all.  I encourage everyone to join the thousands of patrons throughout the city who take advantage of them each and every day.

Susan G. Smith Director,
Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation

Nutter fizzes out

As a parent who sends her children to a Children’s Hospital Practice, I am at a loss for words as to why Mayor Nutter would turn down a grant from CHOP to treat obesity in children in Philadelphia.

From reading the Inquirer story, the Mayor says it is because much of the money for CHOP comes from soda bottlers. But who cares? Who is Mayor Nutter to doubt the integrity of an institution that everyone who reads the Local has one wonderful story of recovery or treatment.

I had great hopes for Mayor Nutter when he was first elected, but this latest decision is one that makes me wonder about his priorities. The Inquirer says he has been using children as political pawns in his dealings with City Council. I don’t drink much soda, but I do see heavy kids on Germantown Avenue from Chestnut Hill through Germantown.

Surely Mayor Nutter should put their health first and deal with purity of his soda tax argument at the proper time. Take the money Mayor because we are taxed out and the kids of this city need it.

Pauline Hall
Chestnut Hill

Thanks for house tour success

The Germantown Historical Society and the Mt Airy Learning Tree hosted their second annual house tour on Sunday Sept. 18, and we want to extend a huge thank you for the generosity of our outstanding homeowners.

Your homes are unique, amazing, charming and, in many instances, breathtaking! And your willingness to share your homes with the 261 guests who ooo’ed and aww’ed their way through the tour, truly made this year’s success possible.

We also want to acknowledge the volunteers who spent their Sunday afternoon being greeters and house docents.  You guys made it all come off smoothly for our guests and we could not have done it without you.

We received many kind comments on the planning and execution of the tour and also on the friendly volunteers, so thank you!.  And the entire day would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors: Chestnut Hill Hospital, Bowman Properties, Valley Green Bank, Electrical Wizardry, Elfant Wissahickon Realtors, Martin Elfant Inc., Brennan & Associates Tax Accountants, Loretta C. Witt, Associate Broker Prudential Fox & Roach, Edward B. O’Reilly & Associates, and the Trolley Car Diner.  Please support them as they support your community.

Thanks to you all for making it a raging success!

Lois Frischling , GHS Board Member Tour Co-Chair,
Patrick Moran , GHS Board Member Tour Co-Chair, Jonna Naylor Executive Director MALT,
Laura E. Beardsley Executive Director Germantown Historical Society


Thanks for the umbrella

Wet Thursday – Leaving a terrific dentist on Germantown Avenue, the rain came pouring down. Slipped into the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop and was offered a giant umbrella. Made it home dry and so happy that I live in such a wonderful neighborhood.

Joan Adelman
Chestnut Hill