Teaching just got harder

Hey, Hugh (See Enemies of Reading last week, Sept. 1), maybe Booktrack can add “Scratch and Sniff” and laugh tracks to its dumbing down of books. Sounds like these purveyors of technology don’t know what reading is.

Happy new year in the classroom, teachers. Sounds like your job could get even harder.

Marie Lachat
Chestnut Hill


Happy ending for A rescued cat

I am writing to thank you for two reasons. The first is that the photo (of the rescued cat, Penelope, that I was trying to find a home for) really did look great (Sept. 1 issue, page 23). The clarity in the printing of the photo really looked good, and your heading was excellent. The second reason is that after I went to pick up the photos I had left off at the Local and then went home, I saw a message had been left on my answering machine.

It was from someone who is a cat lover, retired, who wanted to adopt Penelope. We spoke for quite a while, and I do feel he will give her a good home. I will accompany her to his apartment tomorrow and help him set up and help make the transition smooth. Hopefully it will all happen, and I just wanted to say thank you. I had left flyers everywhere but received no calls until it was in the Local.

When I called my friend, Zipora, she said “Yes, having Len Lear post an item in the Local is the best, most effective advertisement you can get  for a homeless pet!” I’m also happy it didn’t appear last week because I’ve had a whole week to understand Penelope better, and, therefore, be more helpful to her new owner! Thank you again for helping so many dogs and cats find homes, who really shouldn’t be homeless!

Kezia Renee Lechner
Chestnut Hill