Of Human Relations

The Springfield Township Commissioners are considering an ordinance to protect the rights of all residents and business owners under the law.

The ordinance will create a Township Commission on Human Relations, virtually identical to that of several Montgomery County townships, as well as the City of Philadelphia. The Commission will be made up of four volunteer Springfield residents (or business owners).

After training by the state, this Commission will seek to mediate complaints that come before it. If not resolved, complaints may be taken to the Court of Common Pleas.

We enthusiastically support the Commissioners to pass this ordinance. We believe the goodwill that prevails in the Township will be enhanced by this legislation.

This Township Code will mirror the U.S. and state constitutional law already in place.  By enacting the proposed ordinance, the commissioners will declare it to be the public policy of the Township to foster equal opportunity for all citizens.

The Commissioners will vote on this proposal at the Sept. 14 meeting. We urge our neighbors and all Township residents and businesses to support passage of this ordinance and to let your Commissioner know of your support.

Julie and C. Richard (Rev.) Cox


America  . . .

I saw the head of the Statue of Liberty downcast with tears streaming down her cheeks because the children of immigrants who were welcomed to these shores have forgotten how to extend their hands to those who are in need.

The spirit of our founding fathers is restless because we are chipping away at the very foundation which they built with tremendous personal sacrifices.

The Constitution that they gave us is continuously being altered to benefit the privileged few.

Now is the time for us to forget our differences, set aside our prejudices and join hands and put our energy into rebuilding our country. The task is not insurmountable for a united people and a united nation. When we are finished, Lady Liberty will hold her head high again and the tears in her eyes will be that of joy.

The spirit of our founding fathers will rest in peace once again, knowing that we are on the right path again.

Restore the Constitution of our nation so that we will be proud of it, and it will be once again the envy of the entire world. The colors of our flag will be brighter than ever and the united stars will dazzle the universe. People all over the world will look up and say, “That’s the United States of America.”

This is America. We are Americans. We can do it. Yes we can!

Suresh Meswani