Mt. Airy BID recently planted numerous flower baskets around Mt. Airy.

by Madeleine Wattenbarger

The Mount Airy Business Improvement District, an organization dedicated to promoting the neighborhood’s safety, cleanliness and economic welfare, is about to celebrate its fifth birthday. And in the last few months, they’ve been more visible than ever.

This May, the organization began the first of a string of efforts to beautify Mount Airy’s business district.

Thanks to the “Clean & Green” program, Germantown Avenue is now lined with a host of hangng flower baskets: 90 between Cresheim and Upsal streets. Ten more will appear between Washington Lane and Johnson Street once light poles are installed.

In addition to the hanging flower baskets, the BID provided local business and property owners with sidewalk planters. Since the planters arrived in July, the recipients, between Washington Avenue and Cresheim Road, have been tending their own plants along the Avenue.

“The flowers continue to look beautiful, thanks to the hard work of the street cleaning crew,” said BID Executive Director Hollie Malamud-Price.
“They’ve really been working their tails off in this heat,” she said.

Once the summer heat subsides, though, Malamud-Price hopes to continue to adorn the area. If BID receives sufficient funding, the flowers will be replaced by holiday greenery from November to January.

To further discuss the BID’s clean-and-green efforts, the BID will convene on Thursday, Sep. 22 for its annual meeting. It will take place at Lutheran Theological Seminary at 6:30. Contact Hollie Malamud-Price with questions.

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