Thanks to police for quick response to robbery

I  would like to express  my sincere thanks to all of the police officers and detectives that responded to the robbery at Mom’s Pizza on August 3rd.
My sister Kate was alone in the store when the robbery occurred.    After a call to 911, officers and detectives,   including a helicopter were swarming the area within minutes.
The first officer on the scene was bike patrol officer Arbiz. He was so kind to my sister and was the last one to leave with us after the initial investigation was over.
His compassion and kind words were  very calming to us. We should all be thankful that he is here in Chestnut Hill.
Also,   to all our neighbors and customers who have stopped in to express their concern, we thank you.
It is very heart warming to us that we are not just a store in your neighborhood but  part of the community.   I will forever be grateful that neither Kate, nor anyone in the area at the time were injured.

Barb & Kate
Mom’s Bake at Home Pizza

Suicide an opportunity for dialogue

Forty years ago this past March, my brother, my sister and I lost our father, Joe, to suicide. I, too, have suffered from the depression that felled our Dad.   Now, at age 57, I look back and mourn that our father left us at 52 years old, a “young” man.
If my ballot position as a candidate for Philadelphia City Council’s 8th District, in which the tragic death of   Chestnut Hill College adjunct professor Alexandrov occurred, does nothing more than provide an opportunity to talk openly about depression and its profound effects, then my candidacy will have been worthwhile.
I grieve for the professor, his family, friends, colleague, students and our community. It’s time to remove the shame attached to a mental illness amenable to treatment akin to
physical conditions like diabetes.
Let’s talk.

Brian Rudnick
Candidate for Philadelphia City Council
8th District, Green Party

An addendum to July technology issue

The articles about personal technology [Summer Technology Issue, July 29] were fun! I’d like to add to your list a website for classical music lovers, of which I know there are many in Chestnut Hill. is like a Facebook for classical music. It allows performers like the London Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic, Curtis Institute and many chamber music and choral groups to put recordings and videos on the site, and they are FREE for listeners! I log in every day to check out my favorite performers.

Jim Bondelid