Sticking with  Co-op

In response to Mr. Rudnick’s letter in last week’s paper (“Looking forward?”), I’d like to respond with regard to his suggestion that the Fresh Market prices will be competition for Weavers Way.

Please consider the fact that Fresh Market has over 100 stores in the United States and Weavers Way has just three.  Buying power does result in lower pricing.  Additionally, Weavers Way provides it’s employees fair wages, good benefits and pleasant working conditions, which may result in groceries being a little more expensive.

I might also add that as the Green Party is environmentally focused, note that Weavers Way has its own farm, supports local farmers and provides many neighborhood programs and events.

I will gladly spend a little more to assure fair working conditions for employees. The constant demand for low prices created the environment for the production of goods in China and other countries and why very little is made in the USA today.

I am looking forward to the new market, not as a force to drive down prices at other stores, but as another retail experience adding to the growing vitality of Chestnut Hill.


Carolyn Simons
Chestnut Hill


Happy to find Stagecrafters

Since I moved to the area I have been very pleased to discover Stagecrafters. I was especially glad on Saturday night when I was able to attend a Reader’s Theater production of Ntozake Shange’s play “For Colored Girls.”

It was a remarkable privilege to see the power and passion that each of the performers brought to their roles. It was a shame that their tremendous effort could only be seen in two Reader’s Theater stagings rather than a full production.

I hope Stagecrafters creates room in its upcoming season for more productions that draw on the talent and energy of the performers and their producer and director, Letta Brown and Kyle Dandridge.

Amanda Bergson-Shilcock
Glenside, PA


‘Great story’ on Grammy winner

What a great story on William Hart (“Grammy winner still fishing for and finding success,” July 21 issue). I loved it. Great writer as well. I am the owner of “50+THE SECOND HALF MAGAZINE,” and we did an article on Mr. Hart as well, but I loved yours better. Good article and great work!.

Patricia Atkinson – Brown
Washington, D.C.