Eager for Fresh Market

The area is well served by shopping malls. Chestnut Hill offers a different and unique retailing experience. The retailers in our community present a variety of specialty shops, which are appreciated by all those who desire a ‘High Street’ atmosphere.

There is no doubt that retailers have had considerable challenges in recent years, if not decades. I applaud those individuals or organizations with the admirable fortitude and resources to take a long term view for the greater benefit of all. I say “ bring on the tea shops, antique shops, florists and others including home decision specialists.”

Fresh Market at 8200 Germantown Avenue is a very considerable project worthy of our illustrious forebears. I will join the silent majority who welcome the doors opening in this location. This along, with the opening of other specialty shops, will happen in a more timely manner if we share a positive attitude.

Piers Wedgwood
Chestnut Hill


Thanks for clarity about Bowman

I would like to thank Ed Budnick for having the courage to be so clear concerning the properties that Richard Snowden owns (“If he builds it they might not come,” July 7).

Mr. Snowden’s objection to the new trash cans not being aesthetically pleasing cannot compare to how unpleasing it is to see so many empty storefronts in Chestnut Hill. I have lived in the area for over 30 years and I cannot understand why he is allowed to construct more and more buildings when perfectly fine existing ones are vacant.

I am also opposed to the Fresh Market because, as I write, more and more stalls at the Farmer’s Market are being vacated.

Lucretia Robbins


Happy with Book Festival

I wanted to share that I thoroughly enjoyed the three workshops I attended as part of the Chestnut Hill Book Festival.   Special thanks to the speakers for donating their time and resources to other writers.   The workshops were well organized and I hope to get to more of them next year.

Kudos to The Liar’s Club members, the Philadelphia Stories representatives and the Chestnut Hill Community Association and any others who were involved for putting on this friend-raising event.   People came from near and far, ate at the local restaurants, and were exposed to what Chestnut Hilll has to offer.

Barbara Sherf


Delighted to work on Book Festival

The best part of working on the Chestnut Hill Book Festival Committee for the past three years has been to learn what a vibrant, smart, prolific number of writers live in the Philadelphia   area and that they are a generous, caring, connected group of really interesting people.

A whole lot of learning took place last weekend for those of us who attended the Book Festival. From nationally known authors to those who are delighting in their first publication, our writers covered crime, espionage, family ties, forgiveness, publishing, writing, poetry, blogging and more. We can’t thank them enough for lending us their time and expertise.

As always, we have support from the Chestnut Hill community. Thanks go to Bowman Properties, Stagecrafters, Paul Roller and Valley Green Bank.

Go books! Go writers! Go readers!

Marie Lachat
Chestnut Hill


Grateful for hospital

At 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 19, I appeared at the emergency room at Chestnut Hill Hospital. My face was distorted and, my tongue swollen. Within five minutes of arrival, the emergency room staff recognized my allergic reaction to something unknown and removing my bra and shirt, dressed me in a hospital gown and began intravenous medication that would calm my body and restore my breathing and voice.

Within three hours, I could feel myself returning to normal.

The hospital wanted to admit me, but having been through this trauma once before and spending a day in the hospital, I realized the emergency room had performed its magic. I insisted on leaving and they reluctantly allowed me to sign a release form relieving them of responsibility in case there was a problem. I recognize this is the result of the viral use of malpractice suits.

Good emergency care I knew to expect from Chestnut Hill Hospital. What struck me as unusual and a reflection on this community was that on a summer Saturday night, there was no police  presence, no people waiting for help, no commotion or sign of violent injury. How many hospitals in this city or other cities can make that claim?

Maggie Wollman
Mt. Airy


Remember when

There is one advantage to being 81. I can remember when I used to call somewhere and a human being answered the phone and responded to any request I might have.

Today, I make a call, get a recording saying if I am a physician, push 1. If this is an emergency, call 9-1-1; if I want this or that, push 2, 3 or 4. Then a recording tells me how important my call is and another record advises me that I have been added to those waiting, and it may take some time as the operators are busy with other callers. Then music plays and plays and plays and frequently a recording tells me again how important my call is and I will be taken in the order in which it was received.

If I am lucky, eventually someone comes on and hopefully can respond to what I want. If I am not lucky, I may be disconnected.

Regina B. Holmes

Regina B. Holmes
Mt. Airy