by Nicole Griet

Hipster Home's Phoenixville location.

Contemporary home décor retailer Hipster Home will be moving to Chestnut Hill in mid-September after 3 years in Phoenixville.

Hipster Home’s new location will be 8236 Germantown Ave. across from the Chestnut Hill Hotel. Until the move, the current store will remain open in its location at 237 Bridge St. in Phoenixville.

Owners Dave Friday and Lindsay Herman announced the move on the company’s Facebook page. In the post, the owners said they are excited about the move and the  new opportunities of being in retail in Chestnut Hill. They also expressed regret about having to say goodbye to many loyal customers.

“Phoenixville has helped us get to our current status of minor success and now we need to take the next steps to further grow our business into a competitive retail store on a larger stage,” they said. “We feel Chestnut Hill and the proximity to downtown Philly gives us this opportunity.”

According to the post, the owners felt Phoenixville is doing well, but the current clientele base is not ideal for retail. According to the post:

“The fact of the matter is that Phoenixville has become a small restaurant district (which is a good thing) but retail shopping, which I liken to hunting, is a completely different animal then restaurant strolling and for us to accomplish our goals we need to be in a competitive retail district,”

They say they expect to be open in September and the new store will be ready to welcome customers and flourish in its new home on Germantown Ave. For more information about Hipster Home visit their website at