May 30. 400 block Gate Lane. Complainant observed offender walk into her kitchen and take her black leather pocketbook containing a cell phone and credit cards. Offender fled in a white sedan. Vehicle was last seen going southbound on Cresheim Valley Drive.

May 31. 8600 block Germantown Avenue. Assistant manager states that two unknown black males came into bank carrying shotguns (black in color) and said, “Don’t move, everybody get down and stay down.” One male jumped over counter and took money from both tellers’ registers. Males fled and were last seen in the 8600 block of Ardleigh Street.

June 1. 11 E. Gravers Lane. Complainant states that between 12 p.m. on May 29 and 5 p.m. on May 31, an unknown person stole a 19” GT mountain bike with a silver bell on handle bar that was locked to pole.

June 2. Unit block E. Chestnut Hill Avenue. Complainant states she locked the door to the dental office at 4 p.m. on May 27, and when she returned on May 31, she noticed lock on office door inside appeared to have been pried open. Nothing appeared to have been taken. Outside door was not damaged.

June 3. 7700 block Germantown Avenue. Complainant states that a black male, Edward Pleasant, d/o/b 6-10-76, residing in the 7100 block Charles Street, was seen taking 100 pack of Hewlett Packard DVD R spindle disks and was arrested.

Summary — Five crimes for week: one robbery, two burglaries and two thefts.

Keep locking the windows and doors to apartments, homes, and cars.

Town Watch, 215-248-1320.

If you  have been the victim of a crime and would like information, service or support, call Northwest Victims Service, 6301 Germantown Ave., Second Floor, Suite One, 215-438-4410. The service is free.