State Rep. Cherelle Parker was charged with DUI on May 8

Green Woods not coming to Chestnut Hill

The Chestnut Hill Historical Society ended months of debate over the possibility of Green Woods Charter School moving to Chestnut Hill Avenue when it denied the school’s request to have easements on the Greylock Manor amended.

A joint Easement Committee comprised of members of the CHHS and Friends of the Wissahickon voted unanimously against approving the amendment of conservation and preservation easements on the property at 209 W. Chestnut Hill Ave., better known as Greylock Manor.

In announcing its decision, CHHS said it could not approve the scope of the project “under the goals and purposes of the conservation and preservation easements.”

Parents of students currently enrolled at Green Woods released a statement.

“We are deeply disappointed with the CHHS and FOW’s decision to reject our proposal to modify and in our opinion enhance the easements on Greylock Manor.”

The school, which was approved for expansion last month by the School Reform Commission, is now looking for an interim location for next year. A new search for a permanent location is also underway. — Jennifer Katz

State Rep. Cherelle Parker charged with DUI

According to a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer last week, Sate Rep. Cherelle Parker, who serves much of Chestnut Hill, was charged with driving under the influence when she was pulled over by police on her way home from a fund-raising event on Sunday, May 8.

Parker faces a preliminary arraignment for the charge on June 1

Her attorney, Joseph Kelly apologized for her:

“Ms. Parker regrets putting herself in this position and will address these allegations at the appropriate time.”

CHCA nominates officers

The Nominating Committee of the Chestnut Hill Community Association sent its picks for positions to board members on Monday, May 16. The list will be voted on by the board at it’s May 26 meeting. The nominees are:

Officers Jane Piotrowski, President
Brien Tilley, VP Operations
Jay Valinis, VP Social
Lou Aiello,  VP Physical
Anthony Reilly, Treasurer (Non-board member, CPA –AICPA & PICPA)
Janice Manzi, Secretary

At Large Executive Committee

Elizabeth Bales
Julie Byrne
Mark Keintz
Marilyn Paucker
Stephanie Chomentowski

The nominating committee this year was composed of: Julie Byrne, Miguel Castaneda, Janice Manzi, Tolis Vardakis and Jean Wedgwood.