Welcome to Lake Winnipesaukee

One of my favorite movies ever is “What About Bob.” For those unfamiliar with this comic masterpiece, Bob (Bill Murray) is a lunatic who follows Leo Marvin, his psychiatrist (Richard Dreyfus), to his summer vacation home in New Hampshire. Mayhem ensues, and by the end of the movie Dr. Marvin has tried to murder Bob, accidentally blowing up his own vacation cottage. Leo ends up in a catatonic state, and Bob marries the doctor’s sister.

Two minor characters in the film are the Guttmans who are angry at Dr. Marvin and spend most of the movie in a small rowboat on the lake near Dr. Marvin’s  house, alternatively shaking their fists in outrage and cheering any misfortune that befalls him.

I thought of the Guttmans recently while reading my belovedChestnut Hill Local when I came across a letter by a disgruntled citizen who claimed to be speaking on behalf of the plants and animals who live nearby. In the same letter it was alleged that a nun from Chestnut Hill College was a bald-faced liar who had deceived the zoning authorities.

I’m sorry, but I find this funny. This is just a minor recent example. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is a food store or a medical clinic or children’s romper room, there are always the Guttmans, chanting like a Greek chorus nearby.

Margaret Mead said “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” Implied is the notion that the same group can try to make sure that the world never changes.  We have a lusty noisy democracy in these parts for which I remain grateful, but occasionally there are moments that make me smile.

For now, I will continue to read the Chestnut Hill Local and eagerly await the results of the legal deposition of the local flora and fauna.

John Good

Fresh Market is one market too many

In his May 5 letter to the editor, Brian Powell rejects the idea of another food market. I agree with him. We have many fine food choices and another market on Germantown Avenue will increase vehicular traffic. Housing sounds good. This will also increase pedestrian traffic, which makes the Avenue appear more vibrant.

Maggie Wollman
Mt. Airy

Less Noise at Feliz

We learned too late to change our story of Cantina Feliz in last week’s Local that this new Fort Washington restaurant is taking steps to reduce its noise level.
We recently visited another restaurant with the same noise potential but with an acoustical tile ceiling, and the effect was notably quieter. Since Cantina Feliz is doing something similar, we did not want the “unduly noisy” perception to go uncorrected.

Missy and Dick Lee

Mockery of orchestra ‘indefensible’

The article by Mr. Harris mocking the Philadelphia Orchestra, its financial difficulties and symphonic music in general was in bad taste, not even remotely humorous and certainly not defensible on the basis that everyone is entitled to his own opinion. No doubt the article, if read by anyone, was perceived as an insult to the many orchestra and classical music lovers among your subscribers.

Shame on you, Chestnut Hill Local, for publishing such drivel and for adding an Editor’s note suggesting that you agree that the Orchestra’s plight is a fit topic for bad humor. Ridicule is never good journalism.

Martin A. Heckscher
Mt. Airy