Cindy Bass

Cindy Bass collected 1,099 of 3,399  votes cast  in Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy’s 9th Ward on her way to easily win the Democratic nomination to replace Donna Reed Miller as the 8th District City Councilperson. Bass collected 32.42 percent of 9th Ward votes, outpacing Howard Treatman (935 votes), Verna Tyner (709) and Greg Paulmier (534). The other three candidates each failed to earn more than 51 votes.

Bass, a staffer to U.S. Congressman Chakka Fattah, will run unopposed  in the general election in the fall, guaranteeing her the office.

In other interesting election news of local note, longtime city councilman and Chestnut Hill Resident Frank Rizzo lost his bid to continue, failing to come in in the top five vote getters in the Republican field for an at-large council seat. The at-large portion of city council consists of five seats for the majority party with a guaranteed two seats for the minority party. Rizzo has long kept one of those two minority seats.

Although popular locally, Rizzo only managed to get 119 votes in the 9th Ward, placing him behind David Oh (214), Dennis O’Brien (175), Michael Untermeyer (125) and Malcom Lazin (137).

For more primary results see the city’s official election site here.

Pete Mazzaccaro