Philadelphians will go to the polls to vote in a primary election. In Philadelphia, a city long dominated by Democratic Party politics, the primary election is actually the main event. The winners will face incredibly weak Republican challengers or none at all in the general election in November.

For voters across the 8th District, the most important race is that for the replacement of Donna Reed Miller in City Council. Miller represented the district for 15 years. No matter who replaces her, things in the district are sure to change. For this issue, we sent a short survey to all seven candidates.

We asked the candidates why they thought they were qualified for the office. We asked them about what role they would play in ongoing zoning disputes, like those we have seen in Chestnut Hill recently. We asked about economic development–how they would work to improve city schools and how they would help restore public trust in government.

We received responses from five of the seven candidates: Greg Paulmier, Cindy Bass, Verna Tyner, Andrew Lofton and Howard Treatman. Bill Durham confirmed receipt of our survey but did not respond. Robin Tasco did not confirm or return several emails and a phone call to her office. What follows is a brief biographical profile of the five candidates who responded to our survey and their answers to our questions.


Greg Paulmier

Cindy Bass

Verna Tyner

Andrew Lofton

Howard Treatman

Other resources:

Committee of 70: Citywide information on election procedures and candidates.

Ninth Ward Democratic Committee: Ninth Ward information and a comprehensive list of polling places.