by Anderson Good

According to a recent USA Today article, there are more than 44 million gas lawnmowers in the United States today. This number of lawn mowers is

Lawnmower recycle drive

detrimental to the air quality, in some cases making towns close to violating federal air quality standards. Because of the negative environmental impact, there have been a growing number of gas lawnmower turn-in drives all over the country in such cities as Denver, Boise and Sacramento.

Now a drive of this sort has come to our part of the country. The Delaware Valley-based Air Quality Partnership will hold a lawnmower recycling drive in nearby Springfield Township this Saturday, May 7. You’ll be able to go to Springfield Township High School, 1801 E. Paper Mill Road, from 10 a.m. -2 p.m., to trade in old gas lawn mowers and purchase an electric mower, on site, for a discounted price. Black and Decker will be selling the electric mowers at the drive (both electric and battery powered).

If you’re considering swapping a gas mower for an electric, you may want to consider the following: While gas lawn mowers are easier to use for mowing large plots of land, electric mowers are better for the environment. If your land isn’t very smooth and is either swampy or very dry, a gas mower might be the best choice. A gas mower can power through the tough land conditions and still cut the grass, while the electric mower may have a bit of a problem trying to do the same thing, because of its lesser power compared to the gas mowers.

Electric mowers, however, are lighter than gas mowers, so they are easier to maneuver and also tend to be cheaper than gas mowers. Both gas mowers and electric mowers both have upsides that make them a good product to have, but really they have to be bought to each customer’s situation. If buying a gas or electric mower is indifferent to you then buying an electric one would be less detrimental to our environment.