Contributor Barbara Sherf asked Hillers what they thought about the news that U.S. Forces had killed Osama bin Laden. The news of the terrorist leader’s death broke late last night. (All Photos by Barbara Sherf)

“I thought it was a great vindication of the US. It shows the USA doesn’t forget what he did.” Glenside resident Richard Stewart, having coffee at the Fairlane Grill in Erdenheim.

Chestnut Hill resident and Veteran Sam Riddick: “It’s good news to know that the mission is finally accomplished for real as opposed to the George Bush ‘Mission Accomplished’ pronouncement.”

Peter Demkovitz of Wyndmoor waiting for R7 train to work: “I was surprised by the news and I have mixed feelings. I’m glad we finally accomplished this, but I have anxiety about what happens next. Personally, I did not find myself cheering this news.  It was more sobering.”

Longtime Chestnut Hill resident and volunteer Carol Cope, walking away from the Chestnut Hill newsstand with a copy of the newspaper in hand: “It’s good news. I’m quite proud of our armed forces in this case. I’m glad he’s gone.”

Robert Lamb of Germantown heading for work at Prudential, Fox & Roach Realtors in Chestnut Hill: “I heard about it at the Phillies game last night. They didn’t announce it but one of my buddies saw it on his phone. Surprisingly I wasn’t taken one way or the other.  There is so much turmoil in the world. I can’t say I was cheering. I guess it’s a step in the right direction, but we will continue with larger struggles.”

Chestnut Hill resident Carol Franklin, author of Metropolitan Paradise and head of a landscape design firm, upon leaving Wells Fargo bank.  She had lived in Pakistan for three months and her husband, Colin Franklin, had lived there for two years while designing low-income housing.

“I was just listening to NPR and the commentary.  I think it was a very brave and bold move, but I also feel that in this country we capture and put people on trial and try to get some information out of them.  We were told that he may have been hiding in the housing my husband designed for the poorest of the poor.”

Marilyn Monaco, Esq., former President of Chestnut Hill Business Association heading to her law firm on the Avenue: “It brought back so many memories of 911.  I remember we were holding a business association meeting and I had to leave to get back to the office.  I had a funny feeling this morning and turned on the news. At first I thought it was a joke.  It’s the end of a bad story that started on September 11 and I felt like the President – that justice has been done.”