The official CHCA ballot box

by Pete Mazzaccaro

The results of the Chestnut Hill Community Association’s election were announced this afternoon. 215 ballots were cast. 40 were ruled invalid by the election committee, leaving 175 valid ballots, which were counted this morning. Each winner will serve the CHCA board for a three-year term.

The winners (name, vote total):

Marilyn M. Paucker, 104
Janice Manzi,  86
George G.H. Coates, Jr.,  77
Jean Wedgwood  75
Gretchen Hatfield Ingersoll,  72
Miguel A. Castaneda,  71
Michael Chomentowski,  68
Elizabeth Bales,  67

10 other candidates ran. Their results are as follows:

Susan Higley Bray,  65
Lawrence D. McEwen,  64
Jonna Naylor,  61
Thomas J. Cullen,  45
Ann Marie Arment,  39
Jan LeSuer, 36
Thomas Beatty,  32
Natalie Blatney-Plachter,  26
Kerry Maginnis,  23
Megan M. Seubert, 22