Photo by Rob Remus

Hill resident Rob Remus sent these photos to us moments ago.

A large tree fell across the street, as you can see here, and into the front yard of a house across the street. Remus told the Local that the house belonging to John Follo was damaged by the tree.

The tree also took down a telephone pole. A fire crew is on the scene and dealing with the damage and live wires.

(Update) Remus said via e-mail that John’s wife, Jen Follo, was in the house at the time but that no one was hurt.

Remus also said that he could see water flowing in the large hole left behind where the tree was uprooted, perhaps explaining why the large tree came down to begin with.

Traffic is currently being routed around the tree forcing cars that would normally use Wisnton Road to nearby Germantown Avenue.


photo by Rob Remus