by Tom Utescher

Mount St. Joe’s Sarah Lynch clears the high jump bar in last week’s track and field season opener. The freshman led a one-two finish in the event for the Magic. (Photo by Tom Utescher)

Even with around 70 athletes on its track and field roster this spring, Mount St. Joseph Academy found rough going in its league dual meet opener at Jenkintown’s St. Basil Academy last Tuesday afternoon. The host Panthers took first place in 15 of 17 events (there was no pole vault competition) to top the MSJ Magic, 108-33.

Preventing the Panthers from establishing a complete monopoly on first place finishes were Mount senior Moira Sweeney, who won the discus, and freshman Sarah Lynch, who prevailed in the high jump. Three jumpers cleared the winning height, but based on attempts needed Lynch was first and MSJ sophomore Katie Gross second.

The Magic fared better overall in the field events than on the track. In the six jumping and throwing disciplines the scoring was relatively close between the teams, 32-22 in favor of the Panthers.

Mount St. Joe finished second and third in the shot put, thanks to junior Connie Russin and sophomore Natalie Hasson, and also in the long jump, where sophomore Allie Waters was runner-up and senior Alise McNutt was third. McNutt also placed third in the triple jump.

On the track, Mount St. Joe recorded second-place finishes for sophomore Lauren Seminack in the 400 meters, junior Danielle Leporace in the 800, and sophomore Patricia Hoffman in the 1600. In addition, Hoffman placed third in the 800.

In the 100 meter high hurdles, Mount senior Morgan McCafferty appeared to be on her way to victory, but she stumbled before the last hurdle and finished out of the money. Earlier in the meet, she came in third in the 300 intermediate hurdles.

St. Basil bagged one-two-three sweeps in the 100, 400, and 3200 meter races, the high hurdles, and the javelin. The outstanding individual performers for the Panthers were senior Gina Vanore and junior Alexa Keehfuss. Vanore won the 200, the 400, and the long jump and was runner-up in the 100, while Keehfuss took first in the 100 meters and the high hurdles, and second in the 400.


Individual Scoring Results

100 Meters

1. SBA Alexa Keehfuss 12.6

2. SBA Gina Vanore 12.6

3. SBA Katie Cassidy 12.7


200 Meters

1. SBA Gina Vanore 26.4

2. SBA Alexa Keehfuss 26.4

3. SBA Katie Cassidy 27.1


400 Meters

1. SBA Gina Vanore 1:02.7

2. MSJ Lauren Seminack 1:05.6

3. SBA Regina Wilson 1:05.7


800 Meters

1. SBA Regina Wilson 2:36.2

2. MSJ Danielle Leporace 2:37.0

3. MSJ Patricia Hoffman 2:39.0


1600 Meters

1. SBA Megan McGarrity 5:30.2

2. MSJ Patricia Hoffman 5:33.4

3. SBA Corinne Manela 5:36.0


3200 Meters

1. SBA Casey Uhrich 12:35.6

2. SBA Megan McGarrity 12:35.9

3. SBA Valerie Santangelo 12:37.1


100 Hurdles

1. SBA Alexa Keehfuss 18.7

2. SBA Madeleine Brownsey 19.0

3. SBA Gabby Herrmann 19.2


300 Hurdles

1. SBA Regina Wilson 50.2

2. SBA Madeleine Brownsey 51.7

3. MSJ Morgan McCafferty 52.5



1. MSJ Moira Sweeney 74’6.5”

2. SBA Katie Gallagher 69’5.5”

3. SBA Maria Sassane 59’8”


High Jump

1. MSJ Sarah Lynch 4’6”

2. MSJ Katie Gross 4’6”

3. SBA Megan Black 4’6”



1. SBA Kiersten Moylan 81’0”

2. SBA Meg Onslager 78’0”

3. SBA Liz Wilby 73’6”


Long Jump

1. SBA Gina Vanore 15’9”

2. MSJ Allie Waters 14’2”

3. MSJ Alise McNutt 14’0”


Shot Put

1. SBA Katie Gallagher 32’1.5”

2. MSJ Connie Russin 28’8”

3. MSJ Natalie Hasson 25’8”


Triple Jump

1. SBA Megan Black 30’6”

2. SBA Gabby Herrmann 30’6”

3. MSJ Alise McNutt 29’9”


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