By Reginald Hall Jr.

Owner Tish Taylor is seen here with an unidentified customer at Chestnut Hill’s newest salon on 8010 Germantown Ave., Posh Hair Artistry, which opened Jan. 13.

As the owner and head stylist of Chestnut Hill’s newest salon on 8010 Germantown Ave., Posh Hair Artistry, which opened Jan. 13, Tish Taylor insists, “It’s a little stressful because everything is on you, and all the decision- making comes from you. But overall I would say it’s exciting.”

Taylor, a Mt. Airy native who still lives in Mt. Airy, attended Cedar Grove Christian Academy in the city’s Olney section and took business courses at Temple University before learning the fundamentals of hair styling at Empire Beauty School in Willow Grove. Taylor also worked at Hair & Nails Designs Inc. in Glenside and A New You Salon in Lebanon, Pa. She insists that many clients from previous salons have followed her to her new Chestnut Hill location. Overall, Taylor has spent 15 years in the hair care industry.

“Sometimes stylists can take hair and make it look pretty, but it still may be damaged and not done properly,” said Taylor, who often amazes clients by remembering virtually everything they said to her in previous visits. She selected the name Posh for her salon because it brings to mind elegance, stylishness and trendiness. The shop has two rooms, three work stations and two hair dryers, although Tish was the sole stylist when this interview took place. (She plans to hire others.)

“I’ve worked a couple of other salons, and it was just about the money, but that’s why here we stress creativity and healthiness.”

Taylor knew that working with hair was something she wanted to do since she was a teenager. “I’m creative, and I’m able to express myself through hairstyles,” she said. In addition to running Posh Hair Artistry, Taylor takes many classes outside of work to learn the hottest hair trends. “In fact I’ll be attending a class in March in New York,” she said.

Posh Hair Artistry offers coloring, cutting, creating hairstyler and relaxers, which she uses on both white and black customers. There is soft music in the background and candles burning and tea and coffee available. Tish’s client base includes various ethnicities and ages. “Although there is a lot of hustle and bustle, we make sure your appointment time is your appointment. I think the atmosphere is the best attribute along with the hair styling. I think that’s important for women.”

Taylor sells a full line of Joico products. She has a number of ideas on how to connect with Chestnut Hillers, such as teaming up with other local businesses for a fundraiser or allowing other companies a place to leave their business cards. But those plans will be on hold while Posh Hair Artistry settles in.

“It’s all new to me right now, but as far as serving the community, Posh provides additional options for people with hair care,” said Taylor, who would not answer any questions about her age or her family.

Interested people can visit Posh Hair Artistry Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Walk-in appointments are not offered, but prospective clients can call 215-753-1150 to schedule an appointment. For more information, visit