The Chestnut Hill Local recently published a commentary by a resident who opposes the Green Woods Charter School’s relocation to the Greylock Manor property on W. Chestnut Hill Avenue. Unfortunately, the commentary contains inaccuracies and, moreover, may not necessarily reflect the broader interests of the Chestnut Hill community.

The writer accused Green Woods of treating potential impacts upon the community our move might cause as an “afterthought.” This is not true. We have done our homework and continue to engage in studies to ensure this move works for both Green Woods and the community. Our effect upon infrastructural components such as sewage and drainage are being studied by experienced and qualified engineers, as is the concern of existing traffic conditions and the School’s impact upon congestion and traffic flow.  Once the facts are obtained, it is our intention and a priority to work alongside our neighbors to develop solutions to this current area traffic problem.

The Greylock Manor has been vacant for several years and is in need of repair. And while a resident attending our recent Open House meeting at Greylock made it clear that he would “prefer the mansion fall to the ground,” we fully intend to bring the property back to life in a way that preserves its historic and natural character which restores the existing manor in a way that will only compliment its majestic presence for many generations to come. It is our commitment to act as considerate neighbors and good stewards of both our urban and natural environments.

Green Woods is a model school for teaching sustainability, and has achieved high academic standings and numerous awards since its 2002 opening. Our curriculum has been mirrored by other schools in Pennsylvania and several other states, and our reputation for excellence is known from Cambridge to Bermuda.

As a public charter school, Green Woods will also bring the opportunity for area families to exercise high-quality, tuition-free public school choice. Although the Charter School Act of 1997 provides all Pennsylvania families this right, area residents do not yet have the mechanism to choose among public schools because their options are limited.

Finally, Green Woods will play a role in stimulating the local economy. Our staff and parents will patronize area merchants throughout the year. As a school with sustainability at the heart of our curriculum, we are committed to keeping our business affairs as local as reasonably possible.

We have been transparent from the onset of this move, and will continue to be through each key step of the process.  To that end, we will keep the community informed through timely updates at

Jean Wallace
CEO, Green Woods Charter School