Looking for Blood Drive volunteers

We are busy planning for this year’s CHCA-Red Cross Blood Drive, which will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 22 from noon to 6 p.m. at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 22 E. Chestnut Hill Ave. You may have seen the ad we’ve been running in the Local.

Our goal is to collect at least 50 usable pints of blood. Please donate! To set up your appointment, you can: (1) sign up online by going to redcrossblood.org and entering sponsor code 3609, or (2) call Noreen at 215-248-8810 as soon as possible.

We also need volunteers before and during the event:

1. We need volunteers to call previous blood donors to schedule their appointments to donate again. Please call Noreen if you want to make any phone calls. There’s a brief script and it’s easy!

2. We need volunteers on the day of the event to pick up refreshments that are being donated by various businesses in Chestnut Hill. Let Noreen know if you want to do this.

3.  We need volunteers to work at the event itself with checking people in and being with them at the refreshment table after they donate. We’ll have three shifts: Noon to 2 p.m., 2 to 4 p.m., and 4 to 6 p.m. Again, call Noreen to set up your shift.

Thanks in advance for helping to make our blood drive a huge success!

Jane M. Piotrowski
CHCA VP, Social Division

Super Bowl disrespect

As I watched the Super Bowl on TV while the national anthem was being sung, the cameras zeroed in on the players, and I noticed many players were not even paying attention. They were jumping up and down and looking all around the stadium.

That they did not pay proper respect to the flag of the greatest nation in the world (and I am sure many of the millions of fans watching would agree with me) was not only embarrassing, but an absolute disgrace!

Tom Woodruff

Praise for hospital

I am a lifelong resident of Chestnut Hill. There are many things to like about our neighborhood, but the place I want to mention is Chestnut Hill Hospital.

My recent stay reaffirmed my thoughts of how fortunate I feel to live close to such a wonderful community hospital.  The staff includesdoctors, nurses, aides, food service and environmental personel who are all professional and kind.

Everyone I was in contact with showed consideration and a desire to ensure I was comfortable.

Chestnut Hill Hospital is improving all the time and shows its neighborhood daily that it wants to do all it can for its neighbors.

A special thanks goes to Mr. Brooks Turkel, CEO of the hospital, for making himself available to the patients and anyone interested in improving the hospital.

Kate Mc Carthy
Chestnut Hill

Outraged by Medicare penalty

Beware seniors contemplating Medicare Part B.

Seniors who, for one good reason or another, do not sign up for Medicare Part B upon eligibility are penalized for the lateness. For life!

It’s outrageous that the part of the population — seniors — which can least afford it, should be smacked with a penalty for life in the twilight of their lives.

I was covered by my union health plan upon retirement, and when that ran out, by my wife’s health plan. When that expired, I went to sign up for “Part B.” After I went through everything to sign up I was made aware of the fact that late penalties are for life – 10 percent for each 12 months past the date of eligibility.

By comparison:

If you are late in filing income taxes, you pay a penalty – but not for life!

If you fail to take the Minimum Required Distribution (MRD) from your IRA account, you pay a penalty – but not for life!!!

If you are late in paying a traffic fine or drive without a license, you pay a penalty – but not for life!!!

Something needs to be done to rectify this matter, to include making this retroactive for those who are currently having a not insignificant amount subtracted from their hard-earned Social Security benefits each and every month for the rest of their lives.

Lawrence Geller