by Tom Utescher

Springside swimming team co-captains Taylor Apostolico (left) and Molly Stein. (Photo by Tom Utescher)

Springside School’s swimming team is very young and understaffed to begin with, and when an injury to Alex Stein and an extracurricular commitment for Aleah Welsh took the two juniors out of the picture, the Lions raced at Baldwin last Monday with almost half of their line-up (five of 12) consisting of seventh and eighth graders.

With an 83-76 victory, Baldwin locked up a fifth-place finish in the Girls Inter-Ac League, while Springside wound up sixth. Both teams defeated the Academy of Notre Dame, and lost to Germantown Academy, Episcopal, Penn Charter, and Agnes Irwin. Last Monday the host Bears built up a sizable lead in the team score through the first eight events, then swam on an exhibition (non-scoring) basis in the final three races.

Taylor “Woman of Steel” Apostolico performed for Springside in the opening medley relay, and then swam in three consecutive races later on. The senior won both the 500-yard freestyle and the backstroke, and in between she led off for Springside’s second-place quartet in the 200–yard freestyle relay.

Juniors Dena O’Larnic and Molly Stein (Alex’s twin sister) gave the Lions a two-three finish in the butterfly, and O’Larnic was also runner-up in the backstroke while Stein was second in the 50-yard freestyle. Another 11th-grader, Haley Lombardo, placed third in both the 100 and 200-yard freestyle events.

Among the contributions from the younger Lions were a two-three performance in the breast stroke by seventh-graders Megan Karoly and Nicole Novo. Karoly’s effort resulted in a new personal record, and eighth-grader Brooke Fireman established a new PR in the backstroke.
In the 200-yard medley relay, Springside had Apostolico, Karoly, O’Larnic, and Stein finish second to Baldwin’s Emily O’Brien, Amanda Ter Doest, Val Yoshimura, and Akela Lacy, while Apostolico, O’Larnic, eighth-grader Maddy Aslansan and Stein were runners-up in the 200-yard free style relay. The winners there were Baldwin’s Vivian Vu, Hailey Weis, Jessica Levit, and Yoshimura.

Maddie Noteware, Ally Branman, Emily O’Brien, and Akela Lacy won the 400 freestyle relay for the Bears, and in second place were Springside’s Lombardo, sophomore Victoria Byron, eighth-grader Jamie Costarino, and Novo.

Individual Results

50 Freestyle
1. BS Akela Lacy 27.49
2. SS Molly Stein 27.68
3. BS Emily O’Brien 28.26

100 Freestyle
(times unavailable; computer scoring error)

200 Freestyle
1. BS Ally Branman 2:12.93
2. BS Megan Handal 2:24.58
3. SS Haley Lombardo 2:27.84

500 Freestyle
1. SS Taylor Apostolico 555:38
2. BS Ally Branman 6:04.96
3. BS Megan Handal 6:32.05

100 Backstroke
1. SS Taylor Apostolico 1:07.72
2. SS Dena O’Larnic 1:10.22
3. BS Emily O’Brien 1:11.06

100 Breaststroke
1. BS Amanda Ter Doest 1:16.84
2. SS Megan Karoly 1:21.54
3. SS Nicole Novo 1:29.09

100 Butterfly
1. BS Val Yoshimura 1:03.52
2. SS Dena O’Larnic 1:06.71
3. SS Molly Stein 1:08.52

200 Individual Medley
1. BS Val Yoshimura 2:17.61
2. BS Jessice Levit 2:36.59
3. SS Brooke Fireman 2:49.01

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