Sue Badeau

by Paula Riley

Words can truly inspire.

Teresa Araco Rodgers, principal and founder of harp-weaver, has witnessed this time and time again.  This is why harp-weaver, llc a Chestnut Hill based philanthropic advisory firm, is hosting “Night Out With Meaning: Be Inspired Through Storytelling.”

On Thursday, Feb 10 at 6:30 p.m., women from around the region are invited to come together at the Philadelphia Cricket Club  — with drinks and dinner — to hear Sue Badeau’s story.

A West Mount Airy resident for more than 20 years, Sue gave birth to two children naturally, but she and her husband, Hector, are proud parents of 22 children.  The high school sweethearts adopted 20 children, most with unique life circumstances and challenges.

When they first adopted, the Badeaus were very clear with the adoption agency, “We want a child most in need of a home and least likely to get one.”   Soon this became the family-building motto.  Most of the children they adopted had special needs and three of them were terminally ill.

In choosing Badeau as the storyteller for this Night Out, Rodgers was inspired by Sue’s lifelong commitment to children. As a child-welfare professional for more than 30 years, she has looked after children both inside her home and out.

“Her story, like so many others who overcome obstacles to pursue their passions, is awe inspiring,” Rodgers said.

The idea behind Night Out With Meaning, held in November, February and May is not just about inspiration according to Rodgers.

“Women seldom take time for themselves,” she said. “Night Out With Meaning allows us to sit back, relax, and hear someone’s story. It offers us a moment to engage in self-reflection.”

For more information, visit   Night Out With Meaning includes a three-course dinner, two glasses of wine and wonderful storytelling.  To register, visit