by Erik Hubbard

A Big Belly trash compactor

Thanks to efforts by Green in Chestnut Hill (GRinCH) Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors will soon be installed in Chestnut Hill.

Bob Rossman (CHCA), Kate O’Neil (CHBA) and Seth Shapiro (BID), all members of GRinCH, met with Scott McGrath, the Environmental Services Director for the City of Philadelphia, who agreed to place a temporary Big Belly Solar compactor unit in front of the Night Kitchen Bakery (7725 Germantown Ave.) for a trial run.

A Big Belly Solar Trash Compactor is a trash can that works like a trash truck, by forcing a steel ram into the compartment where the garbage is stored, crushing it flat, which results in less over flow of trash, and less frequent trash pick-ups.

The perks of having these units installed in Chestnut Hill are less frequent trash collections, which result in cost and traffic reduction, not to mention carbon emissions reduction as well. Big Belly advocates say the compactors are more aesthetically pleasing too, with a lot less smell and mess than regular trash cans.

The compactors have been installed around the rest of the Philadelphia area, notably in Mt. Airy long Germantown Avenue where they have been a great success.

Linda Raucher, a GRinCH board member, will attend the CHCA meeting Thursday evening to answer any questions about the trash compactors if needed.