Congressman Fattah visits and students engage in over 20 different service projects
Submitted by Betsy Torg for Springside

Springside lower school students Leslie King of Chestnut Hill (left), Drucilla Lindsay of Mt. Airy (middle) and Anna Dworetzky of Chestnut Hill (right) display the freshly cooked hot meals made for Aid for Friends, an organization that serves homebound residents across the city. Lower school students collectively cooked 141 meals in two hours.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, on Monday, Jan. 17,  marked the 15th year in a row that Springside School students celebrated the life of Dr. King through a “Day On” of community service activities. Students in all grade levels, pre-k through 12, engaged in service to a variety of organizations and individuals in need and their work extended into and beyond the boundaries of Chestnut Hill where the school is located.

Among those served in honor of Dr. King were the homeless, senior citizens in assisted-living facilities, pediatric cancer patients, the homebound in Germantown, and more. All told, Springside School students participated in over 20 different service projects.

Middle school sixth graders met with Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA) (center) as part of a letter writing campaign activity. Fattah spoke with the girls about the meaning of citizenship and how they can actively participate and help make a difference. Fattah’s visit was organized by middle school history teacher, Kelly Anne Wall (front row, right).

Springside School sixth grader Ava Tokarek of Jenkintown displays the strawberries sign she painted for the Weaver’s Way farm; each student was assigned a fruit or vegetable and hand-painted a sign for the farm.