The Chestnut Hill Youth Sports Club is pleased to announce our fourth season of girls’ lacrosse for the spring of 2011. We will be fielding the following teams: 1st/2nd grade combined, 3rd/4th grade combined, 5th/6th grade combined, and 7th/8th grade combined. All teams are based on school grade levels, not birth dates. No experience is necessary for any age group.

Registration will begin on January 1st, and will close on January 15th for 3rd/4th, 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade teams. 1st/2nd grade registration will begin on January 1st and remain open through February 15th. To register, go to and follow the link for girls’ lacrosse.

1st/2nd grade level will be instructional only, and will meet once a week on Sunday afternoons in April and May (location TBD). The season will end with a play day (informal tournament) with other local lacrosse clubs. Coaches will be local high school varsity girls’ lacrosse players, supervised by an adult Club volunteer.

3rd/4th grade level will be primarily an instructional league, and will meet once a week on Saturday mornings at our Carson Valley fields in Flourtown, and once a week during a weekday evening (location TBD) in late March, April and May. The season will include several round-robin games on Saturday mornings with other local PAGLA (Philadelphia Area Girls’ Lacrosse Association) clubs, home and away, and will end with a play day (informal tournament). Coaches will be local high school coaches and/or adult Club volunteers, with girls’ high school varsity assistants.

5th/6th grade teams and 7th/8th grade teams will play 8-10 games in the PAGLA East league, comprising clubs in eastern Montgomery and lower Bucks counties, and will participate in at least one playday. We will have tryouts for A and B teams at 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade, with placement based upon ability. We will field a single A team and one or more B teams at each level. It is our intent to offer lacrosse to all girls who sign up; however, we may not be able to form a team or offer instruction at a given age group if we have insufficient numbers (minimum 16 girls/team). According to PAGLA league rules, 6th graders are not allowed to play on a 7th/8th grade team unless the older age group does not have enough grade-appropriate players. The season runs from mid-March to early June. Practice times will be twice a week during weekday evenings, and once during weekends when there are no games. Practices will be at our Carson Valley fields in Flourtown. Games are once a week on Saturdays, with an occasional Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon game. Coaches will be local high school coaches and/or adult Club volunteers with girls’ high school varsity assistants.

Fees are as follows:
1st/2nd grade – $45 
3rd/4th grade – $70 
5th/6th grade – $125 (includes one PAGLA playday entry fee)
7th/8th grade – $125 (includes one PAGLA playday entry fee).

NOTE: Girls at the 5th through 8th grade levels will be required to join US Lacrosse as a junior member at a cost of $25/member in order to play in playdays and tournaments. This fee is not included in the fees above, and shall be assessed at a later date as teams enter PAGLA or PLA tournaments. Supplemental fees shall be assessed to participants in additional tournaments or playdays to cover entry fees.

Girls will be expected to provide their own sticks and eyewear. Note that girls’ sticks are different from boys’ sticks. Protective eyewear is mandatory at all practices and games. The Club will provide goalie equipment, jerseys, goals and practice balls. Information regarding types of equipment and store locations will be available later.

We welcome parent volunteers to help coach and manage each age group. Please e-mail me at HYPERLINK “” if you’d like to become involved in helping us with this exciting and fast-growing sport.