by Herm Rogul

Judd Hayne, a 6’2”, 180 pound Chestnut Hill Academy senior soccer goaltender from Chestnut Hill, says lessons with Mike O’Connor, former Episcopal and Penn net minder, have greatly improved his play.

“He broke down my form and rebuilt it,” Judd said. “He worked on my punch, my goal kick and when to come out and when not.”

Hayne (Photo by Bob Quinn)

Hayne has notched four shutouts and has a 1.25 goals against average with an extremely young CHA team.

“I can be loud,” Judd said, “if my guys are out of position or slacking, but I usually can rely on my defense. The most shots I have faced was 35, against the Haverford School. We lost, 1-0.”

Hayne played defense when, as a third grader, he attended former CHA coach Jim Talbott’s camp in Maine. In sixth grade, he volunteered to play goalie because he was the biggest kid. He loves the challenge.

Coach DiSalvo, former CHA and North Carolina goal-getter said, “Judd is a good leader. He has been a hard worker and his lessons with Mike O’Connor have really helped. Judd is our most improved player.”

Senior center midfielder Sam Lane: “Judd is one of my best friends, one of the nicest people you could ever meet. We can depend on Judd to make the big save.”

Hayne would like to play goalie and study business in the co-op program at Drexel University. He will try to convince the Dragons to want him. Judd has done an internship with the Free People clothing company, a subsidiary of Urban Outfitters Inc., which was founded by his father, Richard.

His favorite teacher is Jim Wise, his former geometry and algebra 2 teacher.

“He was an all-around good guy,” Judd said. “Down to earth. You could talk with him.”

His father and mother, Meg, used to drive Judd to a lot of his soccer games and practices before he got his license. He appreciated their encouragement.

Judd’s older siblings: Dave, Penn Charter, Trinity, baseball; Jon, Penn Charter, Rhode Island, football, baseball; Sarah, Penn Charter, Penn, field hockey, horseriding; and Anna, Springside, Lehigh, field hockey, lacrosse, squash.

“I got to learn from their experiences,” Judd said. “They pretty much showed me the ropes.”

Sam Lane, a 5’8”, 145 pound Chestnut Hill Academy senior from Wyndmoor, will play soccer and study music and/or sports management at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa.

“I love the coach, Dan Wagner,” Sam said. “He is a great guy. And I fit their system. They’re always one of the top (Division III) teams.

“When I was a freshman at CHA, Taylor Ferry was the senior who helped me through every day. He was always positive and I appreciated it. Taylor now plays for Dickinson. It will feel funny, playing against him.”

Lane, a center midfielder, has four game-winners among his first seven goals.

Lane (Photo by Bob Quinn)

“It’s a very young team,” Sam said. “We fight every minute of every game. We are more physical than skillful. I make sure, in a positive way, that people are doing the right thing. I have the strongest voice on the field. I have good field vision and I make simple plays.”

Coach Joe DiSalvo, former CHA and North Carolina star said, “Sam is very helpful in bringing along all of our younger players. He is a very skilled player with great determination. He sings with the Hilltones as well.”

Senior goalie Judd Hayne: “Sam is a great player. He tries his hardest at all times. He is very serious.”

Lane has played for the FC Delco soccer club since the under-11 unit.

“My team was very successful,” he said, “and I have made good friends.”

Lane is in his fourth year with the Hilltones, the school’s a cappella group.
It’s one of my favorite things,” Sam said. “There are 17 of us. We get gigs in different places. My favorite song is ‘Sparks,’ by Coldplay. I sing around the house every day, by myself. I am well received.”

As editor of CHA’s 150th anniversary yearbook, Lane wants something truly memorable.

“My favorite teacher,” Sam said, “is Stan Parker, my advisor. He has helped me through a lot of things.”

For two years, Lane has taught basics in the Chestnut Hill Soccer camp.

Sam said it has been a privilege to have such supportive parents as Fran and Leslie Lane.

He has a very good relationship with his siblings as well.

“My brother Gilly went to Penn,” Sam said, “and he’s a professional squash player, 52nd in the world. He taught me to respect people.

“Sarah graduated from the University of Delaware. She is a very smart girl. I can laugh with her and share great moments with her.”

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