Dec. 12. Unit block W. Chestnut Hill Avenue. Complainant states she left home at 4 p.m. on Dec. 9 and when she returned at 1 p.m. on Dec. 12 she found window pane broken on outside door to bedroom. Taken was a gold necklace and gold diamond wedding band.

Dec. 13. 400 block W. Willow Grove Avenue. Complainant states that an unknown person broke the front window to a 2011 Audi and stole a purse containing a wallet, credit cards, Pa. driver’s license, medical insurance card and checkbook. Reported at 12 a.m.

Dec. 13. 200 block E. Meade Street. Complainant states that an unknown person was seen rummaging around in her unlocked Toyota Rava and she called police. Offender, black male, wearing a dark jacket and a pink hat. Offender fled before police arrived.

Dec. 15. 7700 block Germantown Avenue. Complainant states that when police arrived they did a walk through and found glass broken to rear window. Nothing was taken. Reported at 7:53 a.m.

Dec. 15. Unit block W. Springfield Avenue. Complainant states that he and his wife are getting a divorce and she took listed items without his permission, including car and house keys, Samsung cell phone, wallet containing Pa. identification, social security card, health insurance card, Valley Green Bank debit card and money. Also insurance cards and medical cards for their four children. Reported at 6:30 a.m.

Dec, 16. Unit block W. Abington Avenue. Complainant who is housekeeper for resident states that an unknown person gained entry to property by kicking in basement door and entering. Nothing was taken. Reported at 7 a.m.

Summary — Six crimes for week: three burglaries, two thefts and one theft from vehicle.

Town Watch, 215-248-1320. Keep doors and windows locked, everything out of cars and placed in trunk.

If you have been the victim of a crime and would like information, service or support, call Northwest Victim Services, 6301 Germantown Ave., Second Floor, Suite One, 215-438-4410. The service is free.