Brian Rudnick was at Top of the Hill Market earlier this week and captured the market’s tree delivery.

Manager Andy Peszka supervised workers unloading a tractor trailer load of trees on the north side of Evergreen Avenue as shoppers perused the tree selection infront of the market.

Catriona Briger, holding daughter Hazel, let son Oliver pick out the most appealing and not-too-tall tree for their Benezet Street home. The Market’s Rosie Cortez assisted them with their purchase.

Peszka was taking stock on five varieties of fir just cut and delivered from Lehighton, Pennsylvania, an hour and a half a way. He estimated it would take 2 or more hours to unload the truck and his workers appeared to be steadily unloading about 8 of them each minute.

Peszka also has some but not many customers for living, balled trees which he expects to take delivery on. Those who buy live trees customarily bring them inside for the holiday and have room to plant them outside in the spring when the ground thaws. He expects to sell out all of his trees by the week before Christmas.

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