An attendant’s booth in parking lot No. 9.

by Jennifer Katz
From Nov. 16 until the end of the year, attendants will return to the eight parking lots under the purview of the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation and will track parked cars, allowing shoppers up to four hours of free parking.

“The lots will be policed more aggressively,” said CHPF president John Ingersoll.

The policy shift is to ensure ample parking for customers as the holidays approach. Cars in violation of the new policy will be booted, although Ingersoll said they would give warnings before taking the drastic measure.

“We are trying to get people to understand that lots are for customers, not employees,” he said.

While there had been some discussion of also bringing back the stickers once used to monitor parking in the lots, the foundation board decided against it. CHCF will also install cameras in all of the lots to help identify people who are parking illegally in the lots.

The earlier parking lot system that employed attendants and used stickers ended in January of 2009.

The parking foundation oversees eight of the nine parking lots on the hill. The parking lot behind Weaver’s Way Co-op is no longer leased to the foundation.

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