Driving Lessons

The ritual of getting children ready for school in the morning has spanned many generations. Added to this is the obstacle of trying to get across Germantown Avenue to reach the bus stop.
Although there is a cross walk and a marker with “State Law, Yield to Pedestrians” printed clearly on it, drivers seem oblivious to those trying to cross. Although my child is old enough to cross the street
I am fearful that she will be run over by a driver who is speeding and has no thought about her safety or anyone else’s. I am referring to the intersection of Germantown and Abington. I wonder what it will take before drivers understand that arriving somewhere a few seconds sooner is not a priority over a pedestrian trying to reach their destination in one piece? Perhaps they need to be hit where it hurts the most, a stiff fine and points towards their driving record.

Jamie Fibus
Chestnut Hill

Thanks from the Rotary Club

For the 12th year in a row, John Anderson, Solaris Restaurant award winning chef and restaurateur, and his staff opened their doors to the Chestnut Hill Rotary for its Annual Pancake Breakfast providing supplies and muscle along with a charming ambiance. Special Halloween guest, thanks to Fran O’Donnell and O’Doodles, was the Cat-in-the-Hat. Our own Philadelphia Fire Department Engine 37 firefighters and Medics supplied their official coloring books.
Other supporters of our Rotary fundraiser include the Ounsworth family, Carol Schwartz Gallery, Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop, Conshohocken-Plymouth Meeting Rotary, Electrical Wizardry, Esther Kurtz family, Get-A-Way Travel Agency, Herbert Henze family, Human Touch Home Care Ltd., Kamelot Auction House, National Penn Bank, Tom Lloyd family, Valley Green Bank and Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapely.
A special thanks goes to Solaris’ Sarah who ran the show and put up with the Chestnut Hill Rotary members – a third rate restaurant staff. The youngsters of the Hope Children’s Home in Guyana who benefit from this annual event are especially thankful for the generosity of Chestnut Hill and Mount Airy.
Our sponsors and more information can be see at www.chestnuthillrotary.org

Bonni Simon
Rebecca Anwar
Rotary Club of Chestnut Hill