When weather attacks

Opinion | January 5th, 2018 | Leave a comment

If I had to pick a moment when weather reporting went from the most casual and mundane aspect of the daily news report to the epicenter of honest to goodness “action news” reporting, with an emphasis on action, I’d say it all started with the 1996 film “Twisters.” “Twisters” starred Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton […]

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West vs. Coates: Two views of black progress

Opinion | January 5th, 2018 | 2 Comments

by Aristarchus Patrinos I am not ashamed to admit that I was giddy on a tabloid level, seeing my former professor Cornel West get into it with National Book Award winner Ta-Nehisi Coates. (West published a broadside denouncing Coates in The Guardian last month. The ensuing public furor prompted Coates to delete his Twitter account.) […]

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Tough decision on city schools looms for Mayor

Opinion | January 4th, 2018 | Leave a comment

by Jay A. McCalla In a few short weeks, Mayor Jim Kenney will present to City Council his plan for financing the future operations of the Philadelphia School District. He pledged to do so simultaneously with his early November announcement that he supported the end of the School Reform Commission. Kenney must demonstrate that we […]

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Thanks for not sharing: the new social media dilemma

Opinion | December 29th, 2017 | 1 Comment

By Ellen Scolnic and Joyce Eisenberg The 24-hour news cycle doesn’t refer just to CNN and Fox News. It means that thanks to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we are constantly informed about the breaking news in the lives of our many online acquaintances. Social media is how we know that a college friend’s daughter is […]

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‘Stop-and-go’ bill: It’s about keeping neighborhoods safe

Opinion | December 28th, 2017 | 1 Comment

by Cindy Bass 8th District City Councilperson Would you feel safe with an illegal liquor store next door to you, selling shots of cheap booze at 10 a.m. to loitering alcoholics? That’s what my bill debated earlier this week by a City Council committee is about. Unfortunately, the bill has been mischaracterized by the people […]

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Looking forward to 2018

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Journalists are by nature people who look back at the past. We’re largely curious by nature and trained to examine the actions of the past with an eye towards documenting them and putting them in the context of a narrative. We are also by nature cynical. We are slow to trust what we hear, and […]

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Deck the halls with bouts of sporting cheer

Opinion | December 22nd, 2017 | Leave a comment

by Clark Groome Recently upon a midnight dreary You found that watching sports made you weary. Your head is aching, your vision bleary. So my friends ‘tis time for something cheery. To those we watch let alone boo or hail: Lift your glasses of holiday wassail. Both superstars and ev’ry day players Need joy to […]

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For fraternities, it’s time to shape up or shut down

Opinion | December 21st, 2017 | 1 Comment

  Tim Piazza, a Beta Theta Pi initiate at Penn State, was encouraged to drink large amounts of alcohol as part of a hazing ritual known as “the Gauntlet.” Some 12 hours later, after having fallen down a set of basement steps and suffering multiple head injuries while trying to get up, having been virtually […]

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A gift to the CHCA helps the community stay strong

Opinion | December 20th, 2017 | Leave a comment

  By Kathi Clayton and Susan Bray CHCA Annual Fund Co-Chairs “Growing a Stronger Community Together” is the motto of the Chestnut Hill Community Association. Chestnut Hill is a special place to live, work, shop and dine. It has been recognized as Philadelphia’s best neighborhood because of its considerable amenities and quality of life. The […]

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