Letters March 16

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Angered by efforts to dismiss dog leash laws Regarding the latest article on dogs at Pastorius Park (“Area dog owners weigh in on leash laws at Pastorius,” March 9), I am angered by the effort to minimize the injuries suffered by those bitten and the cavalier attitude expressed by those breaking the law. Regrettably, [Brendan] […]

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Letters: March 8

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Friends of Pastorius Park committed to park On behalf of Friends of Pastorius Park, I would like to reiterate a few points that I made In my interview with Brendan Sample, that were excluded from the Feb. 23 article that focused on second dog biting at Pastorius Park “Second dog attack in Pastorius Park as […]

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Letters: March 2

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Progressives can support Republicans For the writer who said progressives don’t ever support Republicans. I beg to differ. As a progressive, I wrote McCain a thank you for his attempts to confront the present administration. I agree we need to support any positive change in this horrendous political climate.We can’t just oppose what we abhor; […]

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Letters, Feb. 23

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Thanks to Sen. Casey for vote against Pruitt We are mothers and physicians (a pediatrician and a psychiatrist, respectively). We share serious concern for the harmful impacts of pollution on children’s physical and mental health, including mercury pollution interfering with babies’ brain development, particulate matter worsening breathing problems for children with asthma, and lead exposure […]

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Letters: Feb. 16

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Farmers market has never been better As a longtime resident of Chestnut Hill – 17 years – I have seen the farmers market, now called Market at the Fareway, evolve in many ways.  I am happy to say it’s never been better! The Market’s owner, Ron Pete, has overseen an amazing redevelopment of the Market. […]

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Letters: Feb. 9

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Embracing neighbors with political differences I feel deep distress at the direction in which our country is going. I think that most people on both sides of the political divide are sincere and well intentioned. Although I voted for Hillary Clinton, I have many friends and family who voted for Donald Trump. I love and […]

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Letters Feb. 2

Letters | February 1st, 2017 | 2 Comments

  Trump order is un-American Contrary to the Trump administration’s characterization, I am not a hysterical voice to be ignored. I was born an American citizen, have voted in all elections, save one – a mistake I regret – and have followed the first week of this administration carefully. An executive order banning people because […]

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Letters: Jan. 26

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Climate concerns for SEPTA Those of us concerned about climate change should note there is an important piece of climate politics in our own backyard.  SEPTA, which has made laudable sustainability efforts, has succumbed to natural gas industry pressure and proposes to build a natural gas power plant in nearby Nicetown. The stated purpose is […]

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Letters: Jan. 19

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Tutoring a chance to care for all children When Thursday Tutors at Houston Elementary School started meeting regularly with a break for lunch, we decided our most important offering was “showing up” consistently for our children. After several years, we had to admit we were showing up as much for each other as for them. […]

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Letters: Jan 12

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Trumping Trump Since the president-elect is such a narcissist and greedy hog, always seeking the media’s attention with his tweets and self-absorbed statements, why doesn’t the media pay less attention to his dribble and focus more on other people in his administration? Let them, instead of him, become more the spokespersons for this Republican-controlled government […]

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