Letters, May 4

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Local connection to Von Trapp family A photo caption about a Chestnut Hill Library event described in the March 23 issue of Local Life mentions the Von Trapp family, who left Nazi-occupied Austria in 1938 for the USA and purchased a property in Stowe, Vt., in 1942. (Ed. Note: The Von Trapps were the real-life […]

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Letters: April 27

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On CHCE closing Since 1978 the Senior Center / Chestnut Hill Center for Enrichment has served active older adults in Northwest Philadelphia. With a two-person staff and an engaged board, the center has brought people together for games, trips, lectures, dancing, exercise, crafts, learning and fun. Our mission to “Enrich, Connect, Renew” was the light […]

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Letters: April 20

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Roof decks don’t compensate for ruined neighborhood I was stunned to see a real estate ad posing as an article in the April 13 edition of The Chestnut Hill Local.  The article touted the wonders of new construction in the 100 block of Gravers Lane, with the writer particularly enamored of the building’s roof deck. […]

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Letters: April 13

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Corrections for ‘Last Apprentice’ I just received the March 23 edition of the Local, which I enjoy reading each week, and was excited to see the well-deserved article about the greatly talented stained glass artist Charles Z. Lawrence (“The ‘Last Apprentice’ as colorful as his stained glass”). The color reproductions of his dramatic windows are […]

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Letters: March 30

Letters | March 30th, 2017 | 1 Comment

Social Justice Town Hall a success I attended the Town Hall Discussion on March 18 at the Springfield Township High School.  Present were six elected officials:  US Congressman Brendan Boyle, Pennsylvania Senators Art Haywood and Vencent Hughes, Pennsylvania House members Madeleine Dean, Mary Jo Daley, and Steve McCarter. Val Arkoosh, chair of the Montgomery County […]

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Letters March 23

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[Snow removal] This is the worst. I love this city, and I recognize you have to make some sacrifices to live here, but the city has to meet you at least halfway. For all its flaws, the last administration did a better job. This time, it’s like they hardly tried. I’ve never seen a more […]

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Letters March 16

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Angered by efforts to dismiss dog leash laws Regarding the latest article on dogs at Pastorius Park (“Area dog owners weigh in on leash laws at Pastorius,” March 9), I am angered by the effort to minimize the injuries suffered by those bitten and the cavalier attitude expressed by those breaking the law. Regrettably, [Brendan] […]

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Letters: March 8

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Friends of Pastorius Park committed to park On behalf of Friends of Pastorius Park, I would like to reiterate a few points that I made In my interview with Brendan Sample, that were excluded from the Feb. 23 article that focused on second dog biting at Pastorius Park “Second dog attack in Pastorius Park as […]

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Letters: March 2

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Progressives can support Republicans For the writer who said progressives don’t ever support Republicans. I beg to differ. As a progressive, I wrote McCain a thank you for his attempts to confront the present administration. I agree we need to support any positive change in this horrendous political climate.We can’t just oppose what we abhor; […]

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Letters, Feb. 23

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Thanks to Sen. Casey for vote against Pruitt We are mothers and physicians (a pediatrician and a psychiatrist, respectively). We share serious concern for the harmful impacts of pollution on children’s physical and mental health, including mercury pollution interfering with babies’ brain development, particulate matter worsening breathing problems for children with asthma, and lead exposure […]

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