Séamus Egan to return to Pastorius June 28

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by Carole Verona Although Séamus Egan performed with his Irish band Solas at Pastorius Park several times during the past decade, he actually played here for the first time “years and years and years ago when I was a teenager,” he recalled. After 21 years with Solas, Egan will perform with a newly formed group […]

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Shirley Hanson: A cornerstone of Chestnut Hill history

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by Frank Niepold In 1966, the nation’s interest in historic preservation had begun to surge – culminating that year in the creation of the National Register of Historic Places and in many individual efforts across the nation, including Chestnut Hill. That same year, the local chapter of the VFW wished to reduce the size of […]

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Local son of refugees from Nazis stages ‘Roses in June’

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By Rita Charleston Although Timothy Kolman says his play, “The Roses in June,” currently being staged at Plays & Players Theatre, 1714 Delancey Place in Center City, through July 1, is not strictly autobiographical, it does deal with undeniable similarities to his own family history. Kolman was born and raised in London. His parents were […]

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St. Martin’s sets high standard for community service

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by Eric Dolente  A man of devout faith, the Rev. Jarrett Kerbel, rector of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church, preaches well beyond sermons and community prayers. When it comes to social justice, Kerbel and his progressive church have a major influence in the community. Kerbel’s 24-year career in the priesthood has influenced not only this small Philadelphia […]

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City demographics not represented by building trades unions 

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by Jay A. McCalla Anyone who’s been even causally paying attention to the tortuously dull, partially public, negotiations over Mayor Kenney’s $500 million Rebuild (renovations of recreation centers, libraries and parks) could be forgiven if he or she feels they had returned to the 1970’s. Hearkening back to the movie Groundhog Day, black Council people […]

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A biometrics business is launched in Chestnut Hill

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by Eric Dolente  Hidden beyond the carefully placed dumbbells, assorted workout machines and welcoming fitness trainers of Balance Chestnut Hill are beeping monitors and breathing masks ready to be used by earnest clients of BioFit Philly. Besides those machines preside two enthusiastic fitness coaches capable of helping make your ideal workout dreams become a reality. […]

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Who’s the fool in presidential shtick show?

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by Stan Cutler We are fascinated by the president’s shtick. When we tune to our favorite news channels or read what’s printed, his latest mockeries are the headlines and top-of-the-show stories. As defined by Google, “shtick is a gimmick, comic routine, style of performance, etc., associated with a particular person.” Trump’s shtick attracts more interest […]

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A marriage of Shakespeare and screwball comedy on Hill

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By Hugh Hunter Stagecrafters winds up its season with an eye-popping version of “Shakespeare in Hollywood” (2003) by noted farceur, Ken Ludwig. It blends Ludwig’s love of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with an homage to Hollywood screwball comedy of the 1930s. From the start, Director Yaga Brady is determined to keep a light-hearted tone. You […]

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Hill actress very lucky because ‘I’m never not on stage’

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By Rita Charleston Originally commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company, “Shakespeare in Hollywood” by playwright Ken Ludwig premiered in Washington D.C. in 2003 and won the Helen Hayes award for Best New Play of the Year. In Ludwig’s play, now being presented by the Stagecrafters Theatre, 8130 Germantown Ave. on weekends through June 25, the […]

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St. Martin’s musical act triumphant on the road

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By Michael Caruso Erik Meyer, Parker Kitterman and the Choir of the Episcopal Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Chestnut Hill, took their musical act on the road Sunday, June 11. Joined by the parish’s rector, the Rev. W. Jarrett Kerbel, they sang Choral Evensong in the Episcopal Cathedral of Philadelphia at 38th & Ludlow Sts. in […]

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