Ration Foods, formerly located at 8419 Germantown Ave., closed suddenly earlier this summer. (Photo courtesy of Ration Foods)

by Lilly Soroko

In recent years, healthy eating has become trendy, as businesses have been sprouting up in large numbers with the focus on selling “healthy fast food.” Andrea Dykstra is all for it.

Dykstra, a Chestnut Hill resident for more than 13 years, has more than 25 years of experience in the culinary world. She is also a certified Integrative Health Nutrition Coach, and runs her own nutrition coaching practice from her home in Chestnut Hill. But Dykstra wanted more.

“I wanted to reach out to more of the community than I was with just my personal nutrition practice,” she said.

So Ration Foods was born.

Ration Foods was a health-conscious and organic restaurant located at 8419 Germantown Ave. that served breakfast, lunch, and a variety of smoothies and drinks. Popular dishes included avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, organic salads, and smoothies.

And although Ration Foods was only open for a couple of months and didn’t do much advertising, it gained quite a following within the community.

“We had customers that came for breakfast and then again for lunch,” Dykstra explained. “And I think if I had been open for dinner, they would have come then, too. I had the most remarkable customers. And even when I had to close so abruptly, I got so many lovely emails from people wishing me well and thanking me.”

Unfortunately, Dykstra was forced to close Ration Foods when her mother suddenly became ill.

“I have always wanted to [open Ration Foods],” Dykstra said, “but my family will always come first.”

Dykstra will now be putting all of her energy into her nutrition coaching practice, which allows her to be more flexible with her hours.

Will she re-open Ration foods?

“I am not really sure yet,” she said. “I am not ready to say no, but it’s not on the immediate horizon.”

Although Ration is closing, another food vendor has already signed a lease for the space. Louie’s Little Hut, a sandwich and panini shop, will open in September.

Andrea Dykstra can be reached through her website: www.rational-foodie.com