A section of the dangerous intersection map shows only two “hot spots” in Northwest Philadelphia.

by Brendan Sample

A recent analysis of 2015 crash records from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has revealedĀ  the 150 most dangerous intersections in Philadelphia. While none are located directly in Chestnut Hill, two of are in nearby Mt. Airy.

The analysis was put together by Juris Digital, a digital marketing and search-engine optimization company for law firms based in Colorado. In analyzing the data, the company focused on the number of crashes at an intersection, how many injuries and fatalities occurred and the total number of people involved in collisions. Juris Digital was hired by the Philadelphia law firm of Lowenthal and Abrams, which published the final list.

The two Mt. Airy intersections included in the list are Stenton Avenue and East Gorgas Lane and West Sedgwick Street and Germantown Avenue, which ranked at 42 and 88, respectively. At Stenton and Gorgas, there were determined to be eight total crashes that involved 27 people, six of whom were injured. Sedgwick and Germantown had three collisions, nine injuries and 11 people involved. Neither intersection had any reported fatalities.

The intersection that ranked as the most dangerous in the city was Grays Avenue and South 49th Street. Although there was only one crash at that spot in 2015, it involved a head-on collision with a trolley, which left one person dead, 31 injured and involved 53 people overall. North BroadĀ  and Vine streets had the most crashes with 13, while the highest amount of people involved was 63 at South 15th and Market streets. In total, these intersections involved 772 crashes, 1,252 injuries, 15 deaths and 2,676 people.

The full list can be found here.

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  • Susan Mandeville

    I would have to add Stenton Ave. and Willow Grove Ave. to that list!

  • Robert Smith

    None in Germantown.
    No germantown and chelten
    No chelten and Wayne
    Lincoln drive
    Chew and chelten.