Farmers market has never been better

As a longtime resident of Chestnut Hill – 17 years – I have seen the farmers market, now called Market at the Fareway, evolve in many ways.  I am happy to say it’s never been better!

The Market’s owner, Ron Pete, has overseen an amazing redevelopment of the Market. I am happy to report that all of the vendors who make the market a neighborhood gem – Poppy’s coffee, Rice’s meats, Neidermyer’s Poultry and the best sushi place in town – are still there. They, along with the rest of the market, underwent an amazing facelift.

The new vendors, including the best wood-fired pizza place in town, are a welcome addition. We also have a fish vendor and jerk food vendor coming soon. I’ve always been a big fan of the market and couldn’t be happier with all the recent changes.

I applaud the Petes’ dedication to the Market and Chestnut Hill. As a neighbor, I thank you and will see you there soon for a pizza.

Linda Howell
Chestnut Hill


Trump’s ban is misplaced

Sharon Reiss (letter, Feb. 9) deserves thanks for bringing to our attention the actual wording of Trump’s executive order, but I am curious as to whether or not she expects us to be less upset about how the order was rolled out because of the wording.

Admittedly, there was nothing relating to Muslims specifically, but the seven countries which Trump believes are the source of our needed protections, are not the ones from where terrorists who have come here have originated.

It is telling that Saudi Arabia is not banned, which is extraordinarily repressive towards women and is the country of origin for the 9/11 terrorists. Could it be that Trump’s personal business interests as well as our historical propping up the regime comes into play?

I do not believe that we need an executive order to protect ourselves from people of ill will. A very strict vetting policy has been in force since 9/11. To put it into perspective, suppose we ban people from traveling out of California or Oklahoma or Florida because of the terrorist massacres in those states?

My objection is to the ban itself, which has caused divisiveness and stirred up peoples bigotries.

Judy Rubin
Mt. Airy