vreeland sculpture

One of Robert Moss-Vreeland’s mixed media wall sculptures is this one, “Guardians of Apollonian Temple.” Most of his wall sculptures are large, ranging in height from 4 to 6 feet. They are made for interior locations .

By Kevin Callan

Borrelli’s Chestnut Hill Gallery at 8117 Germantown Ave. is currently hosting an exhibit by center city sculptor Robert Moss-Vreeland. The show runs through June 21.

Vreeland’s exhibit features mainly wall-mounted sculptures. Every piece is available for purchase, and prices range from $500 to $2000.

Gallery owner Joseph Borrelli got the idea for the exhibit after hosting a book opening for Moss-Vreeland’s wife, Patrice. “I thought it would be kind of a different show for me to do,” said Borrelli, who usually only exhibits paintings.

Moss-Vreeland’s wall sculptures merge figures, architectural forms, plants and animals and combine painting with layered textures in wood, terracotta sculpture, relief and hand crafted painted and relief glazed ceramic tiles. “These works are inspired by the classical art of Italy, by research and teaching of art history,” the sculptor told us. “The individual tile compositions of animals and birds were inspired by sojourns in the wilderness of Canada.”

Moss-Vreeland has been an exhibiting artist for 40 years. His work has appeared in galleries and museums around the world, and many of his paintings are represented in private collections. He studied under renowned ceramics artist Bill Daley.

Moss-Vreeland earned his Masters of Fine Arts at Tyler School of Art and is the founder of the Studio Art Program at the Agnes Irwin School in Bryn Mawr, where he is retiring after four decades there. He and his wife received an AIA Honor Award for Art and Architecture for their work on the “Wall of Tears” in the Memorial Room of the Houston Holocaust Museum.

Chestnut Hill Gallery will also feature new work from painter Neil Hughes at the back of the store. “Bob’s work will be up front, but there is always work from gallery art in the back,” said Borrelli.

For more information, call 215-248-2549 or visit www.chestnuthillgallery.com