GENTLE SOUL WAS BULLIED: Russ is a two-year-old, small orange tabby who was bullied by other cats and for the first two years of his young life, lived in constant worry and fear. Once you start giving him love, though, little Russ just melts into your touch and shows you the best places to snuggle him at! See more of Russ on (put in: “Forgotten Cats: Little Russ is Grateful Love”), or email
FOUND ON STREET: Petey is a sweet young boy, playful and starved for affection. He was found sitting on a sidewalk looking very confused. He was very hungry and still has his "street" nose (scraped and dirty from trash picking). He has been tested, fixed and is totally vetted. He gets along with other cats and is great with people. To meet him and other rescues, phone 215-872-1636 or visit