On Oct. 13, we will print this year’s edition, and we want to encourage our talented youth – 16 and younger – to submit their best drawings, paintings, poems and short stories for submission. (Poems and stories should run no longer than one-page single spaced.) Everyone who submits something will have at least one of their pieces published in the Local – and we see that as a big opportunity for our up-and-coming artists. Naturally, we’ll take all of the credit when they make it big. What’s most exciting about the Kids Edition, though, is that it isn’t a contest. It’s a chance for our young artists to explore the topics and themes that interest them and learn more about their world in the process. It’s also a chance to be creative for creativity’s sake. All submissions must be received at our office, 8434 Germantown Ave., by Oct. 6. E-mailed submissions can be sent to pete@chestnuthilllocal.com. Be sure to put “kids edition” in the subject head of all e-mails. Stick figures are welcome.