NOTE: It’s come to our attention that our polls have an easy workaround by which anyone knowledgeable enough to clear his browser history can vote multiple times. It’s not a vulnerability with Local polls but all polls created with Poll Daddy, one of the most-used free poll providers on the Web. For that reason we’ve closed the poll and must conclude that the results are unreliable at best. In fact, nearly 1,000 votes came in over the weekend, a 10-fold increase in activity over the prior two weeks suggesting a lot of tampering did take place. We’re looking at better options for future polls. — Pete Mazzaccaro


This week, we have a front-page story and a commentary piece by neighbors about Bowman Properties’ plans to to build retail and housing on the site of the former Magarity Ford property on Germantown Avenue. Neighbors say the plans call for a building that is too big and will bring too much traffic to the neighborhood. Bowman Properties says the project is right for Chestnut Hill. What do you think?